The Platinum Difference

We differ from other options out there as we help companies identify their strengths and develop customized recruitment marketing and branding plans. We focus on the candidate experience from initial contact through to their acceptance, and well into their new job, ensuring a smooth and positive transition. We specialize in identifying hard to find candidate pools and reaching qualified prospects with compelling messages that will persuade them to consider new opportunities

We manage the entire process to create the ideal candidate and client experience by:

  • Creating an effective recruiting marketing plan
  • Building awareness of the team’s brand and image
  • Developing an idea candidate experience to become an employer of choice
  • Ensuring the right candidates are being contacted
  • Development of a strong and healthy team culture resulting in lowered turnover
  • Vetting candidates up front in order to manage the hiring team’s time
  • Identifying qualified candidates that fit the role and culture
  • Reducing high direct and indirect costs due to delays in filling open positions