Platinum Recruiting


Platinum Methodology

Platinum Recruiting’s comprehensive recruiting method treats each requisition as a single project and offers the ability to custom tailor the search to meet the specific needs of our clients.  We understand the urgency associated with filling your position so we work in conjunction with you to set appropriate time frames to ensure we manage expectations, quality, and timeliness.  Open communication with decision makers is essential to helping us gain a clear understanding of your business and culture so we can ensure the highest success of attracting the best talent possible.  Platinum Recruiting also offers our clients the flexibility of working under the following terms; contingency, semi-retained, or retained basis.  We invite you to view the following process we employ to search planning and execution, with specific objectives for each phase.

Client Assessment

A thorough assessment of our client’s organization is vital to achieve a positive and successful search outcome.  During this phase, we arrange discussions with key decision maker(s) and formulate questions to create a clear understanding of company goals, strategy, values and culture. 

Define the Position

Developing a well written job description is essential to a successful search so we partner with your organization to create specifications for the desired position.  Additionally, we develop a candidate profile to provide clarity for requirements and expectations of the position including skills, experience, personality and culture fit. 

Research & Sourcing

Based on the position specifications and our client’s stated criteria and preferences, Platinum Recruiting initiates a detailed analysis of your industry, company, competitors and marketplace which allows us to develop a strategic game plan.  From this, we utilize a network of relationships and contacts to identify an initial pool of qualified candidates. 


Each candidate who is a potential match for your opening goes through a comprehensive screening process by one of our experienced recruiters.  To accomplish this, we assess in detail the knowledge, skills, experience and cultural fit of each candidate to assure that PFR presents only the most qualified candidates to our clients.  Platinum Recruiting looks to provide long-term matches that can add immediate value to your company now and into the future. 


Upon completion of our evaluation process, we summarize our assessment in a candidate profile which precedes their resume and only qualified candidates are presented for your review.  We also review client requirements, location, compensation and culture with our candidates prior to presentation to make sure they are committed to pursuing your open position. 

Client Interview

Platinum Recruiting facilitates interview scheduling and coordinates all logistics.  We work with both you and the candidate to provide timely and accurate feedback to ensure the process is managed effectively.  We also maintain communication with candidates not selected for the position and believe that treating all parties with respect preserves the client reputation as well as our relationship with each candidate.

Reference Checks

Platinum Recruiting provides an extensive check of candidate references that assures your hires are viable and the best talent available. 


Our recruiters effectively manage expectations throughout the interview process and communicate frequently with both our clients and candidates which results in delivering above industry average acceptance and placement rates. 


Part of our commitment is to ensure both client and candidate satisfaction so our job is not done after an offer is accepted.  Once a placement is made, we implement a follow-up program to continually maintain contact with our placements and provide ongoing feedback to ensure the highest possible retention.  We believe that being proactive in this process enables us to provide the highest level of success in our placements.