Platinum Recruiting


Working with Platinum

By choosing to work with Platinum Recruiting, we will provide you with a unique, consultative, and relationship-based approach to career management which also allows you to benefit from one-on-one contact with our recruiting team and industry experts.  We offer both direct hire and contract opportunities within the Accounting & Finance, Human Resources and Information Technology profession for some of the largest and most sought employers in the Chicago and Indianapolis areas in addition to exciting positions within leading start-ups and emerging growth companies. 

We work with candidates at all levels of career progression and we don't just match skills to job descriptions.  Our recruiters seek to develop an understanding of not only your previous educational and professional experience but also your long-term career goals.  With this knowledge, we work to provide the best possible career advice and guidance to achieving your goals in addition to matching the right individual with the right opportunity.   Just as with our clients, our goal is to establish a long-term relationship with you as you progress throughout your career.

From years of experience spent building trusted relationships with our clients, we have the ability to provide you a gateway to companies you may not have access to otherwise.  Many of our clients do not advertise their open positions on company websites or job boards but instead choose to utilize Platinum Recruiting because of our in depth expertise in the industry and our vast network of elite caliber candidates.  Our broad client base spans among numerous industries giving you several career choices and allowing us the capability of placing a broad spectrum of candidates ranging from new college graduates to seasoned professionals such as CFO’s and CIO’s.

When you partner with us to evaluate a new career opportunity, we will be there to assist you through each and every step in the interview process.  Because of the knowledge we possess of our clients, we have the ability to provide you critical insights and information to ensure we have the best chance of making this successful experience including:

  • Confidential representation of your personal information and resume only with your prior consent
  • Meaningful information about the company, the client contact(s) you will be meeting, the position description and requirements prior to all interviews
  • Timely exchange of feedback and answer any questions or concerns you may have throughout the interview process
  • Consulting with you to obtain best possible offer on your behalf including base salary negotiations and when applicable – certain benefits including vacation, bonus and equity/stock compensation
  • Assisting you with the resignation and transition process to ensure a successful beginning to your new career opportunity

Since we invest a significant amount of our time assisting you with identifying new opportunities and preparing you for interviews, all we ask in return is timely and honest feedback from your meetings with our clients.  Because of our ability to effectively manage the search process, our methodology has proven to deliver above industry average acceptance and placement rates.  After the transition takes place, Platinum Recruiting implements a follow-up program to maintain regular contact and also to assist you and your new company’s continued staffing needs.

Regardless of your experience level, we are there to provide support from start to finish and look forward to partnering with you to locate your next career opportunity.  Please visit our Current Job Opening’s page to review a list of our most recent positions available.